Miss S is 8 months and Miss A is 4! | Temecula Children's Photographer

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First off, it is hot out.  I like the heat but I don't love extreme heat.  Luckily, the extreme heat wave we are currently experiencing was not on the day of my nieces' session.  Aren't they both adorable?  They are the only nieces I have so I had to buy them some cute outfits for their pictures!  The one downside to only having boys...their clothes just aren't nearly as cute at Target;)

Here is a little more than my normal "sneak peek" because they are my nieces and this is my blog and I'm allowed to break the rules every once in a while:)


p.s. my sister told me that if I told Miss A that their was a butterfly in my camera that she would really believe it.  She not only believed it but was having conversations and laughing with the butterfly I named rainbow!

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LL said...

Both of these beautiful girls are obviously the recipients of superior genetics.

Heather L said...

You did such a great job amanda!! Alyssa looks so grown up

Anonymous said...

Love love my girls! oh by the way, now EVERY time we take a pic of alyssa, she always says she is smiling for RAINBOW!

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